Born in New Zealand

Born in the deep south of New Zealand, the best place to test the limits of heat and efficiency.

Founded in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2002, Escea Fireplace Company is locally owned and operated. Our location at the very edge of the world challenges our people to be more creative, and resourceful, to think outside the box – we call it Kiwi ingenuity.

As the most Southern city in New Zealand – also known as one of the chilliest, there is no better place to test the limits of heat and efficiency. From research and development to manufacturing and aftersales support, we believe in making the best fireplaces, here in Dunedin.

With a long-standing brand reputation, we operate with integrity and produce fireplaces with the utmost care, ensuring a quality product outcome that performs for customers. We value our people, and their determination to demonstrate that New Zealand produces world-leading products, fostering our progressive nation with innovative solutions on a global stage.

Surrounded by stunning scenery, and a rich culture of friendly people, we are naturally motivated to continually research, develop and pursue our ideas. With no shortage of skilled technicians handcrafting with precision in our purpose-built facilities, our team brings technologically advanced fireplaces to fruition that we proudly share with the rest of the world.