Designed and crafted in New Zealand for over twenty years, Escea gas and wood fireplaces are made to test the limits of heat and efficiency.

Gas Fireplaces

Escea DF Series Gas Fireplaces

Escea’s most versatile fireplace, the DF Series was introduced to cater for home renovators and young families looking to replace their existing wood burner, open gas fireplace or retrofit into an existing brick chimney. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the DF Series features innovative Direct Vent technology and a Zero Clearance rating. Its timeless, traditional design is also popular with customers wanting to add a classic addition to their modern home.

Escea DS Series Gas Fireplaces

Available single and double-sided, the DS Series was designed for those customers moving into contemporary homes or building modern additions. A sleek frameless fireplace, the DS Series is Direct Vented, Zero Clearance rated, and room-sealed, allowing it to be fully integrated into joinery and surrounded by most materials for greater design freedom.

Escea DX & DL Series Gas Fireplaces

High efficiency and statement aesthetics are at the forefront of the Escea DX and DL Series.

The DX Series was Escea’s first ducted multiroom gas fireplace that gave homeowners the ability to heat multiple rooms within the home.

The DL Series has the highest heat output of its range and was the first gas fireplace to feature flexible flues that can run through the ceiling, walls, and even under the floor. 

Wood Fireplaces

Escea Wood Fireplaces

Built on the same innovative Direct Vent technology that earned industry leadership in the gas fireplace market, Escea’s team of skilled designers and engineers applied the technology to their wood fire range to create a Direct Vent wood fireplace.

Available in both freestanding and inbuilt models, Escea Indoor Wood Fireplaces give customers a more effective heat, pared-back design with better home performance – bringing the traditional wood fire into the 21st century.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Escea Outdoor Gas & Wood Fireplaces

With the same ethos as Escea’s indoor fireplaces, their outdoor fireplaces don’t compromise on design or functionality. From the sophisticated cooking capabilities of the EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen to the ease and convenience of the EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace, Escea has a wide range of outdoor wood fires for every home and lifestyle.

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