Ambe Electric Fireplaces give customers the look and ambience of a real fireplace, without the mess, maintenance or fuss.

Ambe Multi Series

Combining the ease of electric with the magic of flame, Ambe’s Multi Series delivers a no-fuss alternative for homeowners wanting to bring a contemporary design element to their home.

The frameless range is available in two and three-sided options and comes with a wide range of fuelbeds and lighting display options for customisation.

With no need for wood, a gas connection or even a flue, the Ambe Multi Series can be installed around the home, is simple to operate, and requires no maintenance.

Ambe Linear Series

Designed for customers who like the linear look of a modern gas fireplace, the Amble Electric Linear Series is an affordable low-maintenance alternative.

Available in two sizes, the Linear Series is easy to install – it doesn’t require a flue or gas connection, and with a wide range of interchangeable fuelbeds and lighting options, the fireplace can be easily customised to the homeowner’s needs.

Like all Ambe Electric Fireplaces, the settings are easily adjusted via remote control for complete ease of use.

Ambe Square Series

The Ambe Square Series gives customers an affordable retrofit solution for replacing old open fireplaces in living areas or bedrooms. The electric insert fireplace can easily be installed into existing cavities and doesn’t require a chimney or a flue. Operated by remote control, the Square Series is easy to use and doesn’t require maintenance.

The timeless square design also lends itself to customers looking to create a traditional fireplace look in modern homes.