MODE offers a curated collection of luxury gas fireplaces in a range of unconventional, and unexpected shapes and sizes – expertly crafted in New Zealand, and available exclusively at Stoke Fireplace Studio.

MODE KS1150 Series Gas Fireplaces

MODE’s KS1150 Series was made for customers looking to make a bold design statement without compromising on efficiency or design flexibility – giving customers a gas fireplace that delivers in performance, innovation, and pushes the boundaries of design convention.

The range consists of double, corner, multi-sided and extra-tall models with seamless attention to detail, flawless finishes and crystal-clear glass, while Direct Vent technology, flexible flues and Zero Clearance rating give customers complete design freedom.


MODE KS1460 Series Gas Fireplaces

Larger in size and more realistic in look, the MODE KS1460 Series gives customers an enhanced fireplace experience – with more flame, more glass and more impact.

Featuring the same next-level design freedom with Direct Vent technology, flexible flues and a Zero Clearance rating, the KS1460 Series is available in single and double-sided options with a wide range of lifelike fuelbeds to choose from.

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