Committed to improving the daily lives of families in the developing world.

Fire for Life

An Escea Not-For-Profit Project

Escea Fireplace Company’s purpose is to create better fireplaces – whether that’s a fireplace in your home here in New Zealand, or cooking fires in the developing world.

We’re also committed to solving problems in innovative ways. One problem we couldn’t ignore was open-fire cooking in developing countries – unsafe, unhealthy and inefficient, and affecting millions of families each day. So, we set out to do our bit to help solve these issues.

Escea uses some of the profit we make from every fireplace we sell under each of our brands, to fund the manufacture and distribution of these cook stoves.

“Making innovative fireplaces is at the core of everything we do. So, when we saw an opportunity to improve the lives of people who only have an open fire to cook on, it was a no-brainer for us to get involved.”

Nigel Bamford

Escea Fireplace Company Founder

Fire for Life – The Beginning

Designed specifically to tackle the problem of open fire cooking in developing countries, we created the Fire for Life Cooking Stove – a portable light-weight cooking stove that can easily be moved around, is simple to light, keep burning, requires less fuel and burns cleaner.

Umm Asmaa’s Story

Umm Asmaa lives in a Syrian displacement camp with her husband and three daughters. Life in the camp is difficult enough without the challenges of open fire cooking. With the help of Relief Aid in 2021, Umm and her family were one of the first recipients of a Fire for Life cooking stove.

Buy one cooking stove, give two.

Fire For Life on TVNZ

We caught up with the team at New Zealand’s TV1 News to tell them all about Fire for Life.

Watch this clip to learn more about the project, the cooking stoves and how they’re making a difference to displaced families in Syria.

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