Supplier Spotlight – Partnership with SCHOTT

Market leaders become known for excelling in their specific industries. It’s through their deep understanding of their market, their products, and their customers that they get there, but it’s their constant drive for innovation and leadership that keeps them there.

To us, partnering with like-minded brands that share the same vision as ours is also a key measure of success. It’s through these partnerships that we’re truly able to create the best possible products for our customers.

Committed to innovation

Bringing high-quality innovative products to market for our customers is at the forefront of Escea Fireplace Company – and it’s a core value that we share with our specialty glass supplier, German international company SCHOTT AG.

While Escea Fireplace Company is constantly pushing the boundaries of fireplace design, cementing our future through our drive for innovation, SCHOTT is recognised as a pioneer in their industry for continually reinventing specialty glass and glass ceramics by developing high-tech solutions. Their innovative capabilities are evident in the product design awards SCHOTT is renowned for, including the Red Dot Award for the semi-transparent black fire-viewing panel ROBAX® NightFlame.

Paving the way

SCHOTT has solidified their position as one of the world’s leading specialty glass companies, supplying high-tech industries that include healthcare, electronics, automotive, astronomy, and aerospace. Cutting-edge results are in their DNA, giving confidence to their customers over such a wide variety of applications. From supplying sealing glasses to NASA for human exploration on Mars, to working with world-leading automotive companies, SCHOTT has been paving the way for over 130 years, delivering glass solutions that create life-changing innovations.

But it’s not only SCHOTT’s commitment to their suppliers that resonates with Escea – SCHOTT is constantly reinventing glass and taking responsibility for the planet on which we live. In doing so, they strive to enrich people’s lives and change the world for the better.

To tackle the current challenges concerning climate and the environment, SCHOTT’s goal is to become a climate-neutral company by 2030. On this journey, they achieved a gold medal for sustainability performance by EcoVadis in 2022.

Escea Fireplace Company shares these values, striving to reduce our carbon footprint and helping to change lives through our Fire for Life initiative.

Escea Indoor Gas Fireplaces features SCHOTT’s ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels.

Delivering the best solutions

Escea Fireplace Company has been partnering with SCHOTT, supplying specialty ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels for their indoor gas fireplace brands, Escea and MODE.

SCHOTT ROBAX® fire-viewing panels offer the best prerequisites and properties for a wide variety of designs, high safety and temperature-resistance, optimum transparency and heat transmission, as well as a long lifetime.


Expertly engineered and professionally manufactured, ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels offer a brilliant view of the fireplace, proves a long life span and boasts impressive high heat up to 760 °C, chemical, and mechanical resistance, as well as near-zero thermal expansion, a requirement for their use as fire-viewing panels.

Escea Fireplace Company Founder Nigel Bamford says, “It was a logical choice to partner with SCHOTT when we started the business, and we’ve kept working with them over the years because of their commitment to us, and the level of service and quality they provide.”

As customers’ needs change, Nigel also appreciates SCHOTT’s flexibility to adapt with us, “SCHOTT does a great job of reacting to those changes, especially considering Escea’s factory is located on the opposite side of the world!”

A shared drive for being market leaders in our industries and using our expertise and experience to change lives through innovation makes working with SCHOTT an obvious choice for Escea Fireplace Company – and a partnership that ultimately gives our customers the best possible product for their homes.